Cracking The Code

We’re always looking to learn something new. Something that makes us stronger, leaner, faster smarter. We’re looking for the cipher that allows us to crack the code.

It’s as if we feel that life is like a video game, and some people figured it out, and if we can figure it out too, we’ll win.

But it’s not really about information. Not nearly as much as we like to think, anyway.

Today, a ten-year-old kid has access to more information through his phone than any world leader had 35 years ago. A Google search can get us halfway to whatever we need to know, and an Amazon purchase or two can get us the rest of the way – in seconds, beamed directly to our hands.

Maybe it’s not reading one more book, listening to one more podcast, watching one more video course.

Maybe the people who “figured it out” didn’t know much more than what we do. Perhaps they were just more focused. It’s possible they showed up more days and worked at it for more hours. And, quite probably, they did so until they got lucky.

Maybe the “cipher” is showing up and putting in the work until you get lucky.