My Top 3 Pick-Me-Ups

I wish I could say I was the epitome of self-reliance and organization, but that’s not the case. At least once a week, stuff gets out of control. I mess up my work plans, or leisure plans, or personal projects or, more usually, a combination of all three. 

With the mess-up comes mood swings and low energy. Meditation, on which I’ve written before, is a good preventive measure, but once shit hits the fan and Luis’s Monkey Brain is low on sleep & sugar, I don’t find it so easy to go back to baseline.

Here are a couple of Stupid Dumb Things (TM) that help me. They might be obvious to many people but here they are nonetheless. Maybe someone will pick up one they’ve missed.

  • Espresso shot – a lot of my coffee buddies are drip people. That’s fine and flavourful, but if you want a good high there’s nothing like the concentrated goodness of an espresso shot. PSA: coffee doesn’t fix your life, it just gets you the energy to do it. Don’t try to run the whole day on it, kids. You’ll crash hard, sooner than you think.
  • Walking – I’ve tried walking meditation but it never stuck in the same way that sitting meditation did. Still, after one hour (or five kilometers, whatever comes first) of walking, I’m usually in a much better place than when I started. People say it’s brisk walking that does the trick, but I’ve never concerned myself overmuch with pace. In fact, I stop all the time to look at buildings or storefronts or nature.
  • Cat-hugging – It’s silly but true. I have the good fortune of having a very huggable, teddybear-like cat. It’s pure bliss just to hold her and rub my cheek on her fur. Definitely, DO NOT TRY THIS with scratchy cats. Do cuddly dogs work, too? Probably.

That’s all I got. It works for me. Let me know if it works for you.