Remote Work and Wealth Redistribution

“Wealth Redistribution” is a loaded term. It smacks of the dark ages of murderous communist utopias and makes hard working people fearful of big government forcefully taking their comfort away for the benefit of people who they don’t identify with. To make matters worse, it’s usually touted by the 0.01%, people who are magnitudes richer […]

Fiction Philosophy

The Price of Righteousness

“You think you are so good, so righteous, that you can face evil and walk away unscathed, unscarred? That’s not how it goes. That’s not how the story ends. If that’s your story, then you didn’t face evil, not the true kind of evil, born from darkness and weaned on suffering.  The price you pay […]


A Tale From the Forging of The World

Oh once, oh once, Was this world so young, And riders in the sky, Fought the world-dragon’s spawn.   They rode winged steeds, While shielded by golden scales. And each wielded the magics, That would determine their fates.   One bathed in sunlight, Reflected on the moon, To wield blade, bright. Hers was the power […]


Cracking The Code

We’re always looking to learn something new. Something that makes us stronger, leaner, faster smarter. We’re looking for the cipher that allows us to crack the code. It’s as if we feel that life is like a video game, and some people figured it out, and if we can figure it out too, we’ll win. […]


My Top 3 Pick-Me-Ups

I wish I could say I was the epitome of self-reliance and organization, but that’s not the case. At least once a week, stuff gets out of control. I mess up my work plans, or leisure plans, or personal projects or, more usually, a combination of all three.  With the mess-up comes mood swings and […]