A Silvery Moon

An awakened evil

Three strangers
brought together by fate

A classic Fantasy Fiction novel

You are a fresh arrival to quiet town of Glonsclim, nested amid the mountains that mark the border between the industrious country of Garm and the forgotten lands of Northern Elessia. Yet the place is not the bustling mining and logging frontier town you’ve heard about. A veil of apathy seems to have fallen over the town populace, and the citizenship eyes you with distrust.

It started with death

Oskar Hoffritz has a problem: his lucrative copper mine has been driven to a standstill; his men, killed or driven away by what people are calling a haunt.

And to make matters worse, the town priest is gone, too.

A stranger in town

Lucius Langeshen has a problem: he’s new in town, and the fellow priest who was supposed to take him in has been torn apart by what the local authorities are calling “a stray wild beast.”

Now it’s up to him to fight an uphill battle to bring the jaded villagers back to the faith. And figure out what really happened to his predecessor.

To hunt the invisible

Donata Lanfranz has several problems: her friend, the priest, is dead. The townsfolk, and even her family, go through life in a slumbering haze.

But as the huntress prepares to hunt an invisible foe, she sets her eye on the two new faces in town…

Inspired by the Forgotten Realms novels of old, “A Silvery Moon” is a new novel in an old genre, a fresh story in a bigger, lived-in, classical fantasy universe. Follow the tale of a trio of adventurers as they figure out the mystery of who’s behind the strange happenings in Glonsclim, and witness their growth as they face unspeakable evil and confront impossible odds.

“What in… Bran, there’s someone down here! An’ hurt – I can hear cryin’!”

“So could I… An’ the lads. Every day for a week, making four months ago, now. And any who went to find the source, them showed up lifeless right hereabouts. Until people started hearing it ever closer and were drawn away from the mine. Whatever is doin’ this cryin’ … It can’t be helped, not by us, at least.”

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“Lucius looked up and ahead, at the cobbled street that led up the mountain at a steep incline. He could not see very far ahead into the path, as the street was not set up as a straight line, but instead snaked around sets of one and two-story buildings, crafted with their backs against the slope most looked like they had been squeezed in, had to be built between two existing buildings after the people had run out of free, workable mountain. What he could see – all the way to the keep at the top – where the stacks upon stacks of buildings, the first and second floors of the ones built on the upper tiers peeking over those of the ones built on the lower.

The pair soon arrived at the edge of that particular tier. It ended in a sharp cliff, and Lucius was immediately drawn to the view stretching out to the east. The morning Sun bathed mountain range after mountain range, all peppered with green and white and gray. On the closest, still far beyond the forest and the snowy ranges, the priest thought he could make out buildings. The cities of Garm were built reaching for the heavens.”

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