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Can not the space between heaven and earth be compared to a bellows?

It empties itself, yet it does not lose its vigor;
If moved again, and behold, it expels air once more.
A lot of talk, to rapid exhaustion we see lead;
Guard your inner self, and keep it free.

— From the Tao Te Ching, part 5

The hard thing is not to write every day. Anyone can write, just as anyone can speak. The hard part is to hit the keys (or open your mouth) and make something worthwhile come out. “Idle writing” is where many stumble.

The writer has to expose his or her inner self. They risk being misunderstood, or sometimes even worse: being fully understood, and judged inadequate. But to do anything else? That’s idle writing.

The Three Roses

I set foot on the Holy Kingdom,

Coming from the Sea, 

From whence a rose, you seldom see.


I walked south, along the coast,

My single purpose,

To reap a Rose.

From her, I received a kiss,

Full of Passion and Desire.


Then I went east,

Another Rose, to admire.

And in her petals, see the Future,

Fruit of her womb, Chaste and Pure.


I hurried north,

To glimpse a final Rose, I set forth!

And soon I wished for a return to shore,

I found nothing but War and Death, forevermore.


Grespo Ramirez, Bard, “The Three Roses”

A Month of Blogging

A month and some change ago I took on the challenge of writing a blog post every day. Actually, blog posts are for losers. I write essays! So posh. Anyway!  Some takeaways:

  1. It’s hard to find something to write about every day. Maybe for some people, it’s easy. Not for me. My life is not that interesting.
  2. I have developed a genuine appreciation for websites that help you find beautiful images on a free Creative Commons license. www.pexels.com and http://compfight.com, thank you!
  3. The claim that a habit is formed in 21 days is a lie. Some days it’s a pleasure to write, but on others, it’s still a chore.
  4. It is incredibly gratifying to see that people are reading this every day. To all of you, THANK YOU!
  5. Doing this is neither more nor less enjoyable than writing for work (www.distantjob.com/blog) and than writing my fantasy fiction novels. It’s a different type of writing. It is not a change of pace. But it’s training. After a month, I feel that I am slightly better at articulating what goes on inside my head.

That’s all, folks! (See you here tomorrow.)