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Travel Tradition

Whenever I go to a country for the first time, I try to buy a children’s book about a local legend.

While it’s at times a hard find, with a little effort, most countries will reveal a legend unknown to the rest of the world, illustrated for the benefit of the little ones.

In most cases, it’s a story that has been forgotten by the tour guides. And, the book being written for children, it is possible, with some dedication and a pocket dictionary, to read it in the source language.

What’s yours?

Ambient Sound Update

A few months ago I recommended the excellent Rainymood as my quick and cheap choice for creating ambient sounds that would help me focus and relax as needed.

I still use both the webpage and the app, but for the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying out a web app called Smartbeats (and Endel, the phone app by the same creators) and I must say I’m impressed. It may be a coincidence, but I’m sleeping much better than usual.

If you want to bring home a little bit of the ’SPA experience’, I recommend you give it a try.

What I’m Reading / Watching / Playing (I)

Game – Hollow Knight

Behind a cuddly exterior is a though-as—nails action-exploration game. The enemies are many and challenging, and the dungeons extend deep into the earth with very few resting points.

This is a modern (and beautiful) game that respects the adult player’s limited time, while offering a challenge that brings one back to the heyday of classic gaming. I can’t bring myself to play anything else, and I bought a “pro” controller because the Switch’s base controllers don’t do it justice.

Play It

TV Series – Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

I don’t like funny movies or comedy series; that is, except for those produced by stand-up comedians. “Seinfeld” is one of my favorite series of all time, and seeing the man interacting with his idols and colleagues is a delight. As a bonus, I discovered several humorists I didn’t know about and filled my Netflix queue.

Watch It

Book – “Perfume”

This was offered to me by a friend and it is such a descriptive book that I have to read it in starts and stops. Not that the descriptions are bad or boring, quite on the contrary: they are so visceral that they overwhelm my senses. This book about a very particular killer is a beautiful window into a historical period to which I don’t have much exposure.

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