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The only thing that I want,
Is the one you're taking from me,
Asking what I want.

They are lost in worry.
Forever. Forever.

Speak, or do not speak.
But don’t ask what to say.
Do, or do not.
But don’t ask what to do.

Don’t ask.
No time for questions.
There is only time to live.
And very, very little.

Painting: “The Four Seasons Paying Homage to Chronos” by Bartolomeo Altomonte


 Maybe it's not for me.
The peaks of joy,
They are followed by pits of despair.
Loved ones,
Become rats that devour,
They take bites out of the sun.
Give me the winding plains.

Bad is Better Than Average

I’ve always been able to watch bad movies, and enjoy watching them. It’s not a matter of enjoying the spectacle of incompetence or having some sadistic pleasure in witnessing disaster. I’m not particularly fond of imagining Raul Julia’s film career going up in flames after the Street Fighter movie.

I think there’s something genuinely entertaining about the bizarre show that a bad movie provides – with its caricature-like characters, the strange and stilted lines voiced by the actors (hello, StarWars Episode I), the janky special effects. Such movies tend to amuse me much more than the majority of comedies. I guess I was never one to enjoy laughing when I knew that was what was expected of me.

An average movie offends me a lot more than a bad movie – the kind of movie that has done nothing obviously wrong, but doesn’t excite either, doesn’t teach anything, doesn’t fan the flames of any kind of emotion. It’s just life-filler.

Boring is worse than bad.